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Let me tell you…if you have not been in Napa Valley California at the end of summer, it is something you must do! For this Texan girl, the weather alone is worth the flight. In the mornings it was high 60's and the peak of the afternoon was mid 80's. That sure beats the 100 degrees that I am sweating through here in Texas! Not only is the weather fabulous, but it’s a great time for wine lovers that want to see the grapes in action. This time of year is about a month (or two) from harvest, so the grapes are in full effect. And it is excellent for picture taking. Here is a pic of some grapes that I took. I don’t know about you, but these make me hungry for a salty rich cheese and a cold glass of Chardonnay.

Our first stop was Clos Pegase Winery. This is such a unique winery. The architecture alone is a show stopper. It was created by designer Michael Graves. In 1984 he won the San Francisco Museum of modern Art design competition and the rights to design the Clos Pegase winery. Whether it's the grandiose columns or the open roof concept that makes this winery exquisite it is certainly not one to miss. If you have a chance try to take a private tour and see the cave in the cave theater. I cannot imagine how fabulous this was by the owner’s private theater. This would be incredible for a wedding or intimate dinner.

The next vineyard that we visited was Swanson vineyards in Rutherford California. This by far has been one of my favorites of all time. We got a tasting in the neatest tasting room I've ever seen, My friend Jaclyn and I were obsessed with the decor of the tasting room. But we were equally obsessed with the Sangiovese see that we had. I am talking DE-LISH! Swanson also has a great garden that you can enjoy wine on or do like Jaclyn did and meditate on how much you love wines. 

Here is a picture of the table in the tasting room. Isn’t this beautiful? If I could I would recreate this room someday and call it may “ladies drinking wine gabbing room”.

Let's talk breakfast.

I have two great recommendations for you. Boon fly cafe and . I am officially going to make this restaurant a staple for me when I travel to the wine country. It's indescribable. A great way to start your day! I had the Boon Fly Benedict and Jaclyn had Papa Joe's Eggs In a Hole. Both were equally delicious. Also something to note is their wonderful morning libations. The Blood Saint which is their version of a bloody Mary and the seasonal mimosas are a must! Another place that you must try is C Casa kitchen in the Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa.  The Oxbow Market itself is definitely a must for all Napa stayers.  Think of it as a food court on crack.  It has everything and the best that Napa has to offer.  We ate breakfast at C Casa and got a Mexican coffee and a doughnut.  I mean take a look at the sugar crystals in this thing!  I don't know if the morning can start off better than this!

So, do yourself a favor and mark off some vacation time next summer for you and your special one....or a girl's trip (that way you can really get your grub on).  You won't regret it.  A beautiful place at the perfect time of year.