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Homemade Vanilla Mint Marshmallows

Homemade Vanilla – Mint Marshmallows


3 packages of unflavored gelatin

½ cup of cold water

1 ½ cup granulated sugar

1 cup light corn syrup

¼ tsp. kosher salt

½ cup water

1 Tbsp. pure vanilla extract (you can use vanilla bean paste as well)

1 tsp mint extract

Red food coloring

Confectioner’s Sugar (approximately 1 cup for dusting marshmallows)

Candy thermometer


  1. Mix the 3 packages of unflavored gelatin in a bowl with ½ cup of cold water. Set aside for 5 minutes.
  2. In a saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup, salt, mint extract and ½ cup of water and cook over medium heat until the sugar dissolves stirring occasionally. Once the sugar dissolves, turn the heat up to medium and cook until the sugar syrup reaches exactly 240 degrees on a candy thermometer. Remove from heat.
  3. Place the gelatin mixture (it will be thick now), into a bowl and with an electric mixer with whisk attachment, start at a slow speed. Add a little bit of the hot sugar mixture into the bowl with the gelatin. Let it incorporate. Slowly add the rest of the hot sugar mixture into the bowl and gradually increase speed of mixer to high. Whip until the marshmallow is thick and glossy (this takes about 12 minutes).
  4. Add vanilla after consistency is desired and mix thoroughly.
  5. Add 5 drops of red food coloring on top of mixture. Spray a spatula with cooking spray and ever so gently fold the food coloring into the marshmallow. If you stir it too much you will end up with red marshmallows, not red ribbons through your marshmallow.
  6. Liberally sift the confectioners’ sugar into a baking dish (preferably 9 x 11, but you can make them as thick or as thin as you would like). Pour the marshmallow into the pan on top of the sugar. Smooth out the top. Sift more confectioners’ sugar on the top of the marshmallow. Let the marshmallow sit at room temperature for at least 3 hours (I just let them sit overnight- they really need to dry out).
  7. Invert the marshmallows unto a work surface and cut them into squares. If they still feel a little sticky, dust with more confectioners’ sugar.

The end result? A Tasty Treat that can be dolled up with some Gracious Gift Wine, hot chocolate packet, cute coffee mug, & some chocolate goodies!