Fighting hunger locally through the gift of wine

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Gracious Gift is a wine label that started with one purpose in mind - to fight hunger on a local level.  It is a simple (and delicious) way to give back to those in your community that are hungry. 



Our commitment is to making a local impact by fighting hunger at home through the purchase of our high-quality, delicious wines. When you purchase a Gracious Gift wine bottle, the proceeds will help fund meals in your local community.  A record number of Americans, more than 46.5 million, are living with food insecurity.  We pride ourselves in partnering with food banks across the country making a difference with each purchase. 


Hunger Is Unacceptable

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​Pairing Wine and Chocolate for Fun Holiday Parties

Nothing’s more festive than celebrating the holidays amongst friends, enjoying some good food and some even better wine. Most people think that wine pairings are best for the main entrée, but did you know that some of the most fun and delicious pairings can be made between wine and chocolate?

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​How to Give Back to the Community without Even Trying

The idea that “one person” can’t make a difference is simply wrong. There are ways to give back to the community, either yours or the global community, that rely on the contributions of individuals like yourself, and in many cases don’t even involve making a charitable donation or spending nights and weekends working at a soup kitchen.

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​A Quick and Easy Guide to Pairing Wine with Food

There’s nothing more impressive to your dinner guests than being able to match a particular type of wine perfectly to the meal you’re having. Pairing wine with food is a skill that can be used to enhance the pleasure of any meal, and while it may look like some esoteric, occult magic is at play, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s a quick and easy guide to pairing wine with food with the best of them.

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“I believe that helping meet the needs of others can be easy and enjoyable.”

Meet the founder


Together, we are united by the desire to end hunger in our local communities.  These partners of grace have committed to making a difference through these high quality delicious wines.